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The official LMS Moodle mobile app is now available to access your LMS courses.



Using the app, you will be able to:

  • View course materials, even when offline.
  • Participate in course activities.
  • Receive instant course notifications.
  • Pull to refresh data on your screen.
  • Upload images and other files.
  • Find and contact course participants.
  • Search for courses.
  • Display course in portrait/landscape view.

The app is available for free download at:

You can also install the app directly from your mobile device by searching for “Moodle Mobile’ with author/owner ‘Moodle Pty Ltd’

To use the Moodle mobile app:

  1. Enter as the site name
  2. Enter your CampusID username
  3. Enter your CampusID password

Your My courses page appears, listing your registered courses.  You can click on the course title to access your Moodle course or click the ‘ Contents’, ‘ Participants’ or ‘ Grades’ icons.

 Unsupported activities

Only ‘core’ Moodle activities are supported by the app, but it is not always obvious which activities are core and which use an extra plugin (these are installed to provide extra features). For instance, Survey activities cannot be used from the app. For any unsupported activities, you will see a link to the website to allow you to continue.