On-line education

Streaming lessons, lessons recording and video lessons sharing

Which tools to use for the recording of a lesson

In this section you can consult the operational notes and links to tutorials that can be of support to our teachers for distance learning activities: conducting online lessons, recording lessons and sharing teaching materials.

Lesson Streaming: Hunimed uses LMS@Hunimed and Microsoft Teams for online lessons, to record a lesson independently
to record a lesson on your self use the suggested software. afterwards you can upload, view, share and organize the videos of the lessons on the Microsoft Stream video portal.

In order to save in a file the list of participants of a lesson that is taking place in Teams, in case you think it’s not, we suggest to download a browser extension for Google Chrome at the following link

!Important all video content to further explore the subject should be shared on Stream, content like as Slide, file pdf etc. on the LMS platform of the university LMS@hunimed

Link training Microsfot Teams

What is Microsoft Teams: visualizza
Download app Teams: visualizza
Training for faculty: visualizza
Microsfot Teams Security and Compliance: visualizza

Link training Microsoft Stream

What is Microsoft Stream: visualizza
Microsoft Stream app: visualizza
Upload a video: visualizza
Which files video are supported on Stream: visualizza

Strumenti di registrazione della didattica

Itt may be useful to use some software or tools that allow you to record your PC screen and your voice by producing a video file to be shared with students.
At the end of the recording by uploading the file on Microsoft Stream students who have access to the course of study and the reference subject will be able to follow your video lectures.
Many software can be used to make video lectures independently, at the following links you can view the ones we suggest:

  • Windows
    • OBS Studio
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • OS e iOS
    • Quicktime Player