Before the lesson

  • What do you need?

    • PC, MAC or tablet set with software requirements
    • Your CampusID to login LMS
    • Click on the “streaming lesson” link in page of the course to access into virtual classroom


  • Are you in an appropiate space?

    • Test your connection and make sure you are in a quiet place that allows you to better follow the lesson. Noisy and crowded places could distract you
  • Connect to the Steaming lesson

    • Log in LMS and enter into page of the course, click on the streaming lesson link

During lesson

  • Do you hearth audio?

    • Verify if your audio is active. If don’t you hearth the voice of teacher and your configuration is ok, send an email to
  • The Main commands bar

    • The main commands can be found in the main bar that is displayed while streaming the lesson viewer
  • Can you do a question?

    • The teacher could invite the students during the lesson to write any questions, the chat will be used to submit the questions

Before the lesson

  • Is it possible to review the lesson?

    • Yes. The lessons, if registered, can be accessed by accessing the streming portal with my CampusID
  • What do I need to access Microsoft Stream?

  • I can find the class videos online right after class?

    • The videos of the lessons will be available after the lesson and are catalogued according to the teaching