Streaming Teams


Start an online lesson

What do you need?

  • A PC, MAC or tablet that meets Teams’ software requirements and is equipped with an audio microphone and camera;
  • An internet connection;
  • The Teams application installed on your PC;
  • To download and install the Teams App:
  • Personal credentials to access the LMS

How do I gain access to the lesson team?

To access the Lesson Teams just follow these simple steps:

  1. Login with your LMS credentials;
  2. Search for the teaching course and click to enter the course page;
  3. On the course page select the “Virtual room” icon to directly open the lesson team on Microsoft Teams.
  4. Start the Teams application by entering your personal “Open link” credentials;
  5. At this point once you have joined the lesson team you can start the lesson by selecting the “Meet” button in the top right hand corner;
  6. Add the lesson title, where the text “Add a subject” is present and if necessary activate the microphone and camera and start the lesson by clicking on “Meet now”.

If necessary and indispensable it is possible to start a lesson simply by connecting to Team without logging in from LMS@hunimed

  1. Start Microsoft Teams and log in with your personal credentials;
  2. Search for the lesson team (e.g. “Body architecture”);
  3. Click on the Team to enter the relevant lesson and start it.

!important to log in to Teams with your personal credentials, if at the time of starting Teams you have authenticated yourself with credentials other than your personal University credentials, log out from Teams, and repeat the access steps by authenticating yourself with your personal University credentials.

Remember to register your lesson

Start recording when you start the lesson

Share your screen or application

You can choose, when sharing, whether to share your screen or a certain presentation or application previously opened on your PC.

Download the list of participants

To download the list of participants, select the Show Participants icon and then the download symbol arrow. A CVS file will be downloaded to your PC and can be opened in Excel. The file will contain the name and times of the participants entering and leaving the meeting.

End of the lesson

Click on Stop recording to stop recording the lesson

Click on the red handset to end the lesson

After the lesson

Where can I find the video of the recorded lesson?

At the end of the recorded lesson, the system will automatically process the video file of the lesson, the video will be available to students a few minutes after the lesson in the Team chat and on the Stream video portal.

  1. Access the Stream in personal mode;
  2. Search for the channel that corresponds to the teaching subject of the course;
  3. Search in the gallery for the video lesson of interest.