Computer based examination

Description of the remote written examination mode

Before the exam session

  • What do you need?

    • PC or MAC set with software requirements
      !important: the use of tablets or cell phones is not allowed during the exam.
    • Browser Google Chrome
      !important: LockDown Browser is a client application that is installed to a local computer. Both the Windows edition and the Mac edition of the browser are based on Chromium, Google’s open source framework. Students must Google’s Chrome browser installed and login on LMS in it;
    • Software “LockDown Browser” intalled on your PC (download)
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Your CampusID to login LMS

Connecting to the exam session

  • Open your Microsoft Teams

    • Open microsoft Teams, search the Exam Team
    • Open the link of the Exam teams and wait professor instructions
  • Install the software LockDown Browser

    • Download and Install the LockDown browser
    • For more information read the system requirement of LockDown Browser
  • Log in on LMS@Hunimed and launch the LockDown Browser

    • Open browser Google Chrome and browser on LMS@Hunimed
    • Log in with your CampusID Credential and search the Written Exam Course
    • Open the Written Exam section in the course page
    • In the course page click on “Exam with lockdown and Teams” 
    •  From this screen, the student can launch it to take the quiz 
    • Click on Open LockDown Browser
    • In the LockDown Browser click “Help center“, click on I’m using Lockdown browser only​ and views your performance

1.Click on Help center


2. Click on “I’m using LockDown Browser only”


3. Screen of system Check Results


  • Start and submit your exam

    • Quiz Session Start
      1. For starting the exam you have to click on Start Quiz button
      2. It will open a pop-up window: click start attempt   
    • Quiz session description
      IMG exam description

      1. You will answer at one question for page
      2. You pass on next question clicking next page
      3. On the right you will find all the quiz question
      4. The green ones are already answered by you
      5. Below you will find out the finish attempt button for ending and submitting your exam
      6. The 3 circles show you the elapsed time
    • Quiz session submit the questions
      1. After the submission you will see a resume of your exam
      2. You can go back : return to attempt
      3. You can submit all and finish
      4. Click on the x tab
      5. Click yes