Academy LMS

LMS is the online Learning Management System

What does it mean?

LMS is the online learning environment. Every course subject has its own space on the LMS, which can contain course notes, presentations and other didactic resources to support and enhance your learning. LMS also provides
a range of tools for online communication, collaboration and assessment.


How does it work?

You can access LMS both from the following link:

What can I do on LMS:

  • view and download online versions of class materials provided directly by teachers;
  • participate in online communication activities such as blogs, newsgroups and chats;
  • consult the syllabus of courses;
  • do assignments, online tests and surveys;
  • view announcements and news from Faculty, the Student Office or the Library.

The official LMS Moodle mobile app is now available to access your LMS courses.

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HU – LMS@Hunimed Student’s guide 2019