Academy LMS

LMS is the online Learning Management System


LMS@Hunimed is Humanitas University’s Moodle platform used by students and teachers to facilitate digital teaching.

Main teaching resources available to students:

  1. Distance learning
  2. Link to connect to streaming lectures
  3. Link to the video gallery of the lessons recorded
  4. view and download online versions of the teaching materials provided directly by teachers;
  5. participate in online communication activities such as blogs, newsgroups and chats;
  6. consult the course programme;
  7. do homework, online tests and surveys;
  8. view announcements and news from the Faculty, the Student Office or the Library.

The mobile application of LMS Moodle now is download from Apple and Android.


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View the student’s guide: HU – LMS@Hunimed Student’s Guide


View the faculty guide: HU – LMS@Hunimed faculty’s guide