Exam session guidelines On-line

How to carry out remote examinations following the COVID-19 emergency

Guidelines for conducting distance examinations

This section describes how the online distance exams are conducted to ensure that teachers and students continue their academic life as much as possible.

Tools used

  • MyPortal Esse3 for planning appeal dates
  • Virtual classrooms in Microsoft Teams
  • LMS LMS@Hunimed platform for the use of Syllabus and quiz and test activities
  • LockDown Browser software integrated on LMS for the control of the student’s Browser

Operating procedures for the communication of examination appeals

For the organizational part of the exams and for the communication to the students of the appeals in force the teaching staff will have to communicate in a timely manner

  1. Examination planning
  2. How to connect to the examination session
  3. Rehearsal instructions
  4. Link to the virtual classroom created in Teams

Examination Committee and initiation of the examination test

Before the start of the oral or written test, the teacher makes the recognition of the student through one of the following two methods:

  1. through a link in a reserved virtual Teams classroom where the examiner can directly show his/her identity document
  2. by checking the identity document provided by the student during enrolment and present on the University’s systems.
  • Online oral exam mode

Teachers who take the oral exam of students can connect to the exam by entering the virtual room Teams and carry out the recognition of the examinee in the manner described above.

During the remote exam, the student must always look at the camera and position himself in such a way as to allow the teachers to check that he does not have a mobile phone, earphones or notes to consult; the teachers can ask the student to view the surrounding space. It is up to the teachers to cancel the evidence of students who behave incorrectly.

It is allowed to use blank sheets of paper (to be framed) to write text, formulas, or anything else required by the exam.

The teacher will take the appropriate measures to prevent and repress behaviour that may disturb the smooth running of the exam; any violation will result in the cancellation of the exam and reporting it to the Dean.

  • Computer-based examination mode

The Commission of the examination session, composed of at least two teachers, may meet at the University or at a distance.
Considering the modalities of the exam, listed below, a professor of the Commission and/or a member of the technical-administrative staff of the University must be present in each virtual classroom where the exam will take place. The computer-based mode compared to the oral mode will require an additional control system called “LockDown Browser” that will disable all features not necessary for the student to take the written exam. The student will be given appropriate operating instructions for the installation of this control system.